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Who Else Wants to Become a First Time Homeowner of a Beautiful West Side Home, Live Mortgage FREE for 6 Months and Never Write a Rent Check Again?

What could you do with this extra money?  Whatever YOU want!  Imagine having some EXTRA CASH in your hands to spend on whatever you like!  This is money that you would never otherwise see – and it doesn’t cost you anything.

What your landlord does not want you to know...

If you can afford a rent payment, you can most likely afford a mortgage payment.

I can show you how!

"At last, the quickest and easiest FREE Home Ownership Program that will help you own your own home with no mortgage payments for
6 months"


Check off all that applies to you.


You are currently renting.

You’ve had a stable job for at least 2 years.

  You are tired of living under your landlords rules.
  You would like to have more living space, with a basement to store stuff, a nice backyard to relax and play in, and your very own garage to park in.
  You want to buy your first home but just don't know where to start.

 You never ever want to go back to renting.

If you said YES to the above questions then
Life After Landlords can help you get a beautiful 3 to 4 bedroom home, right now with NO MORTGAGE PAYMENTS FOR SIX MONTHS.


I want to turn one Lucky Renter Each Month into a First Time Homeowner!


My name is Larry Robertson and Life After Landlords is a vision of mine - to turn renters like yourself into first time homeowners.

Working with a network of partners in the real estate and mortgage industry I have developed a unique solution for renters like yourself to buy your first home and live absolutely mortgage FREE for six months, giving you a chance to enjoy homeownership, save money and live the American Dream.


It's a simple 3 steps program – absolutely FREE to you:


Signup to become a member of the Life After Landlords Club – don’t worry it's absolutely FREE.  I call it a club because it's limited to 12 active members. I can only help a limited number of renters because this is a mentoring program where I work with you to reach your goal of buying your first home.  Once you obtain your goal and move into your new home, you become a
Life After Landlords Inner Circle Member, making room for a new member to join.

Learn what it takes to become a homeowner and more important, how to never go back to renting.

Get pre-approved and buy a home from me - beautiful 3-4 bedrooms colonials, bungalows and ranches with full basements, garages and nice yards, and I will pay your mortgage for 6 months.

How Does It Work?

Simple.  I will help you with everything that you need; from learning about home ownership, to getting pre-approved for mortgages even with bruised credit.

Then... buy a house from me – and I will pay your mortgage for 6 months.

How can I do all this for FREE, without charging you? Simple.  I buy houses from banks at wholesale prices, renovate them and make a profit when I sell them to our members.

These are nice homes in nice neighborhoods 

do you join Life After Landlords,
 buy a nice house on the west side, and get your mortgage payments paid for 6 months?


It couldn’t be any easier.  All that you have to do to join Life After Landlords and be one of the the lucky renters who’s lives are going to change is to complete the enrollment form below, and once approved, I will rush you the Life After Landlords welcome kit – a step by step program that explains how you can buy a home and live free, with no mortgage payments for six months.

In addition, each week you will receive coaching e-mails packed with information on
everything that you need to know on how to buy your first home.  Each week will bring you closer to becoming a homeowner, and staying that way.  This is all absolutely FREE, you are under no obligation and will be given the option to unsubscribe at any time.

Complete the 100% risk free enrollment form and you will be on your way to becoming a homeowner, and beginning your new Life After Landlords I can only accept a limited number of members, so please don't delay.



Best wishes and happy house hunting,




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